Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Collection of 45 Thoughts About Foodbuzz Fest 2010

Most of you know that this past weekend I shed my anonymity, pinned on my Baking Barrister button, and headed to San Francisco to attend Foodbuzz Fest. Well, here's the recap, Barrister style.

Vegetable tart, pastries, and over-sized coffee at La Boulange de Union.

1. Apparently certain people associate me with evil cackling and a refusal to divulge my identity.

2. Amanda The Cilantropist, Megan from Stetted, Brian de A Thought For Food, Ken at Hungry Rabbit NYC, and me in a car on a caffeine hunt makes for all kind of wrong coming out of our mouths.

3. Add Sara of CaffeIna, Azmina from Lawyer Loves Lunch, pastries, and coffee in a cup the size of a large soup bowl, and everything is made slightly better.

Porchetta sandwich from RoliRoti; Foodbuzz cupcakes from Mission Minis; ice cream from Straus;
short rib taco from Tacolicious; and vegetarian pizza from Pizza Politana.
4. Some food bloggers like to take pictures of everything. Me? I just want access to the food. Speaking of which, forced mingling prior to feeding us is a bad idea.

5. When your friend ends up with sugar-free, fat-free vegan cookies, you should share your gift with her. If you end up with something as equally out of your comfort zone, don't be like a certain blogger--accept your gift graciously.

6. Those sandwich plates are not only recyclable, but quite tasty.

7. I went fangirl on Chef Dennis. He gave my garlic chocolate truffles a thumbs up. The Duo Dishes, who I was also excited to meet, were weirded out. I'm okay with that.

8. Charlie (@bayareaglutton), also known as Foodbuzz's CTO, is my hero for shoving a cupcake in the face of Ben, my SPAM cupcake challenger. The cupcake was much better than the cupcake fairy book I tossed at him as a joke (though I think his daughter would disagree).

Josie of Daydreamer Desserts, Marc of No Recipes, and Ben of You Fed a Baby Chili?; Me, burning things.

9. Just like it's okay to take pictures of your food when surrounded by hundreds of other bloggers, it's also okay to immerse yourself in twitter while at the bar. For those of us without smart phones? Well, we just play with fire. It makes us miss our stove tops and kitchen torches a little less.

Sara, Amanda, Emme of Food Samba & Brian.

10. Even though Linda at Salty Seattle looks fabulous at 9 AM in a fuchsia dress and sparkly heels, she is, in fact, a vampire, according to Ken. She has also publicly admitted that she is afraid of werewolves.

11. Don't deprive food bloggers of their morning caffeine, otherwise everything begins to remind them of coffee. This includes chocolate truffles, brie and peanut butter. They will then become desperate enough to drink Starbucks.

Mission Minis cinnamon horchata, Aztec chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes. Ticings icing applique.

12. I can get behind free cupcakes.

Annie's cookies; INNA Jam's jalapeno jam on toast with cream cheese;
Ghirardelli s'mores; Madecasse chocolate; and Napa Farmhouse's jams.

13. I can also get behind Annie the Baker's Peanut Butter Extreme cookies filled with mini peanut butter cups. In fact, mini peanut butter cups will now replace all chocolate chips in my cookies.

14. INNA Jam's jalapeno jam was just as good as I remember it--spicy and sweet all at once. Napa Farmhouse 1885's pear and vanilla preserves are also to die for and I don't even like pears.

15. I think I spent at least 10 minutes at the Madécasse table tasting their chocolate. Most of that time was spent contemplating the unique fruity undertone of their 63% to 80% bars. I might have to purchase some so I can continue my study.

Fish tacos and accouterments.

16. Halibut tacos a la Mary Sue Milliken are delicious. Be sure to add mango, green onion, queso, guacamole and salsa fresca to optimize tastiness.

17. There seemed to be a lot of large, whole King Salmons milling about during the weekend. I preferred this to the mouse that decided to join us at the Metreon.

18. The chanterelle mushroom soup with candy cap mushroom sabayon from Americano stole the show with its rich maple flavor. If you're in the area, check out their new local mushroom menu.

Cascal bottles; shrimp cocktail; Saag's specialty meats and sausages; Jarlsberg cheese & fruit trays.

19. Cheese, fruit and cured meats make me happy. I would have stayed by the cheese if I weren't lured away by the promise of other goodies.

20. I still don't understand shrimp cocktail. Just give me the shrimp, please.

21. Cascal all-natural fermented soda deserves a place on the table at your next brunch. Mellow in flavor, it's a great alternative for non-drinkers.

Brian doing what bloggers do; Linda living it up; Sara and Angi of Rice and Wheat.

22. Our cab driver almost hit a hippie all while we made Charlie fold up in the bitch seat.

23. Megan is the Chuck Norris of hors d'œuvres--it takes her 3.5 seconds to stealthily steal the last the gougere from another group and devour it.

24. Topiaries make ugly centerpieces and take up prime wine glass real estate.

25. They're also fun to play with and may have matched a certain blogger's chartreuse dress.

Roasted golden beet tart with beet, feta and currants, wild arugala and basil puree.

26. Golden beets beat out other beets. They make a luxurious tart with the consistency of mousse.

27. Pureeing basil without any added seasoning does not a sauce make.

28. Sometimes even the most gluttonous foodie just needs a damn salad.

Seared scallops with Verjus Beurre Blanc (without the braised fennel);
Black Cod with local wild mushrooms and butternut squash puree.

29. Scallops! A perfectly cooked scallop should cut like butter, flake like fish, and melt in your mouth. I would have been content with a meal of these babies.

30. When attending a large sit down dinner, order the meat dish that the fewest people are likely to choose. My Black Cod was cooked to perfection and was allegedly superior to the lamb.

40. Too much wine may cause food bloggers to suck on lamb bones in a suggestive manner; this may or may not inspire a subsequent licking of the butter.

41. Never say no to the bread.

Tarta de alemandras with oranges and Spanish sherry sabayon.

42. Parmesan crisps, despite making absolutely no sense with this dish, give some good shadow.

43. People are pretty respectful of the no-hugging thing when you put it out there. This, of course, does not apply to Charlie, who will attack you with a bear hug no matter how much you protest.

Dim Sum from City View Restaurant in San Francisco.

44. When in doubt, skip the typical brunch and get dim sum with your friends. Order everything that looks good.

45. It is possible to make friends on Twitter who turn out to be even more full of innuendo, snark and other kinds of awesomeness in person. A big thank you goes out to these bloggers (you know who you are!) for making this past weekend a whirlwind of fun and crazy.


Daydreamer Desserts said...

Ah... what good times we shared, loved the shot of you burning the straw. :) By the way... just so you know I think I SO deserved a taste of one of your garlic truffles. Just Sayin'

sara @ CaffeIna said...

I think yours was the post about the festival that by now made me more nostalgic. If to this you add the fact that you dared posting that picture of me and Angi with those fury green soccer balls over our heads (I could sue you for this but I know I would not win!) I need something sweet to cheer myself up. You are not hearing me swearing at you just because my mouth is filled with a scone I just baked (despite what people might think after that weekend I'm still polite enough to not talk with my mouth full of food!)

Elin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elin said...

Whoa...can see you guys are having so much fun and all those food...gosh how I wish I was there too. It is good for me to fantasize once in while :)

Yeşim Çağlar said...

tx for shared all of these espesially for people who didnt attend the festival like me.. enjoyed reading ..

Mariko said...

Whaaaaaat? You went to DIM SUM WITHOUT ME????
Dang. I feel like I need to get my butt on a plane back to SF. I have been dying for a soup dumpling since NYC last year.
Totally agree about the basil sauce. What's up with that?

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

I searched for you, just based on your funny funny tweets and I somehow still missed meeting you - next time. Loved your post, your funniness and your pics!

the actor's diet said...

great recap! i miss those cupcakes. and annie the baker's balls - i snuck one home with me!

Chef Dennis said...

Hi Stephanie
it was such a pleasure being able to meet you in person and spend some time with you! I loved your Garlic Truffles, and feel free to go Fan girl on me any time...I am truly honored!
Your recap fo the fest made me sad that it was over, we did have fun, and foodbuzz is the best for bringing us all together!
Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship!

ravienomnoms said...

What a fabulous post! Thanks for all the great pictures!

stephchows said...

Rock on girl! fabulous recap and wonderful to meet you :)

Victoria said...

Glad you had such a nice weekend!! The food all looked amazing and I really love your list. Very funny :) I wish I could've been there!

BayAreaGlutton said...

Lovely post and surprisingly upbeat from the queen of snark... ;-) too bad we didn't get to hang (or rock) out after the fest, but there will always be a next time.

yours in cupcakes, bitch seats and bear hugs... charlie

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

Stephanie, It was a pleasure getting to meet you at the festival! Wish I'd of know about the Dim Sum, it's one of my favorites, hopefully next year. I love all your photos.

Megan said...

It might have been 2.5 seconds.

Ken│hungryrabbit said...

Good times, darling, good times. It was a magical weekend.

The Cuisinerd said...

Lovely to meet you over the weekend. I approve of the garlic truffle!

Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

I second Ken. Good times indeed. I think our posse needs a reunion soon. I can't wait until next year to hang out with you lovely people :)

Sippity Sup said...

Tremendous, just like yourself. GREG

Stella said...

Hey Baking Barrister, glad you had fun at the festival. I just read some praise of you over at Dennis' blog;) Oh, and not divulging one's identity is not necessarily a bad thing:)

Meghan@travelwinedine said...

It was nice to meet you briefly during the dreaded forced mingling!

Stephanie said...

I would have loved to attended this. Your photos almost made me feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing.


Jealous, jealous, JEALOUS! What fun it must have been. Ahhhh, next year...

baking.serendipity said...

I love your recap and all those photographs!

Stephanie @ Per l'Amore del Cibo said...

Arggghhhh, so jealous!! But I really loved your recap and pictures. Maybe next year, eh?

Julie M. said...

Another great recap! I so wish I could have gone! If only San Francisco were a bit closer. Oh, and I'd have gone all fan girl on Dennis too. Love him!

Andra@FrenchPressMemos said...

I am still bitter about not being able to come this year. It looks like a freaking blast. Fun to see pics and hear about your adventures.

Monet said...

So you won the contest. It was a private one I was holding. Congrats! This has to be the best recap I've read all week (and I've read some good ones!) I wish we could have met...I know we would have had a lot in common. Thank you for sharing...I hope your Friday is delightful!

Gisele aka LA2LAChef said...

"forced mingling prior to feeding us is a bad idea"
I agree- bah, humbug!

Kelly@TheMeaningofPie said...

Good. Now I feel like I was there. I enjoyed the write up.

Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having said...

I think this is my favourite write up.

Christine (The Raw Project) said...

Wonderful recap and pictures, it was such a great event and a great excuse to visit my favorite city.

Sharon said...

Hey this is one great recap of all that had happened so far...

napafarmhouse1885/diane said...

thank you so much for your kind words regarding my jam...and you rock for adding the link to my website. thank you so very much! happy you enjoyed the pear & vanilla jam

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