Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feeding the Craving Monster: Rhubarb Berry Cups

Have you ever had one of those days where your body keeps screaming at you for sugar sugar sugar? You know what I'm talking about--you go to make dinner and all you want is chocolate; you're looking for an afternoon snack and ice cream sounds really good; you don't want a real meal--you want dessert! Yeah, I had one of those days. I resisted and resisted, but finally caved this evening. I figured that I ate healthily for lunch, breakfast and dinner, so I am entitled to a little indulgence. But you know what? It seems that these cravings also go hand in hand with laziness. Yeah, I wanted sugar but I didn't want to go get it or make anything. Tragic, I know.

You have to understand--this is the biggest dilemma that I have faced in a long while. Do I resist, go to the store, or make something? I couldn't decide, so I went to my mom for advice. She happened to be in the kitchen at the time, attempting to wash Duplos that haven't seen the light of day in at least 18 years (don't ask). I, of course, got distracted in my excitement. Little me left a giraffe head in the box, proving that my obsessiveness started at a young age. After pictures were taken, I asked my mom what I should make, remembering that she had mentioned a box of puff pastry in the freezer. Normally I don't succumb to the temptation of pre-made doughs, but I hear puff pastry is a bitch and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth when I'm feeling lazy (unless that horse is one of my parents, as complaining is my birth right).

So I went all out in the emergency dessert department. Seriously, what's better than quick, easy, delicious and an ode to the vast depths of a Jew's freezer? Along with the puff pastry, I used the rhubarb I had prepared and froze a few weeks ago and some frozen berries (no sugar added) we have on hand for smoothies. If you're so inclined, you can make a graham cracker crust, use wonton skins, or even pie dough. The real star is the fruit filling. Seriously, take a look below. They even look good. 

1 sheet of puff pastry
1 cup mixed berries
1 cup rhubarb
2 Tbsp granulated sugar
splash of cinnamon
1 Tbsp cornstarch 

1. Pick out the pan you are going to use. I used a mini-muffin pan, but I suspect an actual muffin pan might be easier. I got 9 muffins out of one sheet, but I bet you could get 9 regular muffins if you don't have all of the overhang I had. And the filling will be enough for that many regular sized muffins. 

2. Spray your pan really really well and then mold in pastry.

If you have overhang, make sure to spray UNDER the overhang as well.

3. In a bowl, add in fruit, sugar and cinnamon. Mix and let sit for five minutes.

4. When there is liquid on the bottom of the bowl, take some out, place in a cup, and mix in cornstarch. Then add back into bowl. This prevents cornstarch clumps.

5. Distribute fruit, with some liquid, in each cup.

6. Bake at 350F for 20 minutes. After the first 10 minutes rotate. 

7. Let cool and remove. If you are having trouble removing them, try a plastic dough scraper if you have one. It works better than a spatula because you have more leverage when getting under the overhang. Plus they tend to be thinner than plastic spatulas.

And look...new feature: easily printable recipes!


Liren {Kitchen Worthy} said...

Gorgeous! This is my kind of dessert...AND why mess with puff pastry if you have some lurking in your freezer? This is one thing where it's nice to not have to suffer making your own (unless, of course, you're brilliant with puff pastry, which I most certainly am not). Beautifully done!

kattyskitchen said...

Brilliant! And that's from one member of the tribe (however nonpracticing) to another. ;) BONUS: I even HAVE puff pasty in the freezer. This may need to be next on the rhubarb hit list..

Biren said...

That's a quick and delicious dessert. I use puff pastry too.

s. said...

Thanks everyone!

@Liren - Seriously, no puff pastry for me. I also refuse to make croissants. I'm of the mind that some things are meant to be bought prepared and in a box from the store.

@katty - Eh, I'm pretty much non-practicing as well, but I did the whole Sunday/Hebrew school thing and was Bat Mitzvah'd. Then I quit. I, however, enjoy the culture and making fun of the things that go with being Jewish. And definitely add, at the very least, the filling to your list. If you don't leech some of the acid from the rhubarb like I did in the Chicken Piccata post, you might need more sugar.

@Biren - I'm glad I'm not alone. Sometimes foodies get a little outlandish/pretentious for me when they refuse to use any pre-made ingredients at all.

Delishhh said...

Mmmmm love rhubarb, and such a quick dessert.

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