Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Interlude: Follow Me

I'm a rebel. When MySpace came out, I resisted. Same with Friendster and those other sites. Berkeley was amongst the first schools to  get Facebook. I resisted for a semester. And then my friends made me sign up so it would be easier to keep in contact while I studied in Chile. I used it sparingly. And then law school started and I became addicted.

Not needing any more distractions, I have denied myself access to Twitter. Truthfully, I find Facebook's news feed annoying enough that I fail to comprehend why anyone would want such a feature on crack. I don't want to know that much about my friends' lives. Since starting this blog, I have grudgingly accepted that there is some utility to the site. As long as I don't personally use it to stalk my friends, it is a useful tool for monitoring blogs.

So, this morning, while reading an article about Glee in the LA Times, I came across a sentence that said that Neil Diamond tweeted his love of the show's cover of 'Sweet Caroline.' A not-so-secret fan (it was a childhood thing, so shush yourselves), I decided that if Neil Diamond can tweet, so can I.

In other words, I joined twitter. Click on that temporarily ugly button in the sidebar and follow me. You may get pictures of food or stories about the kitchen. You will likely get things that don't make it into full posts. I might even post pictures of some of the craziness this city has to offer. Oh, and of my dog. I promise to make it worth your while.


Leiwei said...

Lol that's funny. I remember kids at Cal were so eager to join friendster when that social networking site was up and about in its beta stages. I for one have resisted them all and still don't know what's the point. Maybe one day my "Neil Diamond" will change my opinion.

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